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Frequently asked questions
When is the best time to book?

Sometimes we cannot plan in advance, however, best practices are three or more weeks prior to the date of your photoshoot or special occasion. For weddings, I suggest three months or more. If your event is sooner, I will do my best to accommodate you, schedule permitting!

How do I book?

Please complete the contact form with as much detail as possible. I will reach out to set up a call or clarify any missing information via email. Next I will draft a contract and send it to you for review. Upon receipt of the signed contract with the required deposit, I will confirm your booked appointment.

What is included with service?

A makeup service will begin with customized skin prep based on your skin type before moving onto a full face makeup application styled with your preferences, skin type and bone structure in mind. Complimentary lash strips are provided with lash application. Travel options are available for all services.

How do I prepare for a Service?

The best preparation is to have makeup free, freshly washed skin. If needed, apply a thin water-based moisturizer. Allow a minimum of 48 hours between trying new skin care, waxing, facials, threading, etc.  and receiving makeup services. This will allow your skin time to heal in the event of an adverse reaction. Please consider consulting with your lash or permanent makeup technician on best practices for makeup application,/removal and care. When receiving a service, please provide space for a chair and makeup kit set up. I do bring lighting, please allow for a relatively close power outlet. 

What Hygiene methods are used?

All products, tools and surfaces are cleansed using standard wipe down methods to include the use of isopropyl alcohol, hygienic sprays and sanitizers. Brushes are deep cleaned after each session with brush cleansers and anti-bacterial soap then sprayed with isopropyl alcohol when dry. Brushes and disposable applicators are not shared between clients.

What is the COVID-19 Policy

If the service must be cancelled because you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, on the client’s behalf, SEVEN XVI by Marrisa will work to provide priority reschedule with deposit transfer. Deposits, however, do remain non-refundable. SEVEN XVI by Marrisa is Barbacide COVID-19 certified. SEVEN XVI by Marrisa will wear a mask during service and gloves can be worn upon request. By accepting to participate in receiving voluntary paid for makeup services both the artist and client accept the risk of exposure during service as this service requires close proximity to one another which goes against social distancing recommendations of six feet of separation. The artist and the client relinquish any medical liabilities.​​

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